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Sherlock from behind

February 2015



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Feb. 14th, 2015

your eyes John Sherlock

Dear Fandom Writer-

Pardon me greatly for not having responded/commented before.I have vowed to do better and not simply read, sigh,smile, and then flitter off to read yet MORE without leaving you with the praise you deserve.

For without you, and all of the other also lovely and talented fandom writers, I would be left with only the barest hints of the world beyond the depicted screen.And that would be too tragic, wouldn't it?

So carry on, write please? More is always better :)

Feb. 14th, 2011

your eyes John Sherlock

Sherlock-Forever is Now Drabble (aka means to get real writer motivated)

Sherlock, Forever is Now

by r34dinglight (but twisted from the drabble Forever Is Now by cinderbella333 )

Disclaimer: BBC Sherlock belongs to various persons and corporations that are not me or associated with me. This piece of fanfiction is written with the admiration and respect for the original work. I claim no ownership of BBC Sherlock's creations. No profit is made from this material, now or in the future.

Rating: G

Summary: Drabble. Sherlock Holmes gives Doctor Watson a valentine.

Thanks to cinderbella333  for beta-read.

A/N: In attempt to prompt cinderbella333 to write a series of Sherlock drabbles for Valentines Day her initial write of Forever Is Now was held hostage while I had my way with it. I had to, it had a bee card in it! She was fortunately amused as she, too, sees the wonderful that is Sherlock/John. Valentine Bites, a series of 5 Sherlock-based drabbles, was her offering resulting in a  Happy Valentine's Day for us all! Thanks cinderbella333!


Sherlock Holmes gives Doctor Watson a valentine. It's not the right day. With him, never will be.

Still, if forever is now, it's always the right day.

So. Valentine. It has a bee on the front with hearts for wings. Reads, "Bee Mine." Cheeky bastard.

How in Mycroft's name did he get it inside John's laptop? Sherlock is still on the sofa and John had slept with it clutched tightly. He shouldn't smile. It just encourages him.

But he can't help himself.

He opens it. Inside is an 'x' and imprint of his lips.

"Sealed with a kiss," he breathes.

Forever is now.